Home automation made simple and affordable

Did you know all your Lights, Fans, TV, Set Up Boxes, ACs and all other appliances are now available on your smartphone?

That is right!

With Picostone control all your appliances from your smartphone anywhere, anytime. Control & monitor your home even when you are away from it.


Your lights are now Voice Controlled

Picostone Basic is compatible to work with Amazon Alexa.
With Picostone Basic's switch control mechanism and Alexa's voice control, control your switches flawlessly with your voice.

#DoMore with Alexa and Picostone


Designed to fit inside any switchboard

A device so small, yet so powerful and simple. Designed and engineered to fit perfectly behind your switches, without disturbing you or the interiors of your beautiful home. 15 minutes, any electrician and you have a smart device installed in your home.


Get your remote controls on your smartphone

Polar along with the IR stone, enables your Air Conditioner to be controlled from your smartphone. The proprietary RF communication protocols between the Polar and IR stone, makes sure there is no hinderance between your Air Conditioner and your command.
The IR stone mimics the signal of your physical remote. It can change your AC temperature, AC Fan Speed and Mode. It can do all the functions your remote does. It works with any AC out there that has an IR remote. Polar has an in built IR receiver to learn your remote in case your AC remote not available in our existing list.

Remote is now accesible from your smartphone.

Smart Routines

The intuitive & smart Routine Maker in the mobile App, allows you schedule the Air Conditioner for the entire night for your unbroken sleep. It has been built with the intelligence to understand your sleep patterns after using it for a period for 7 days and can suggest you a rountine which will be most comfortable for you.

Sleep well while the rest will be taken care by us.


A small wifi based device that fits right behind your switchboard and lets you operate your lights and fans through your phone.

Basic - 11,800/-


A small RF based device which is battery operated and sticks on your AirCon. It has a IR blaster which will then communicate with your Air Conditioner.

IR Stone - 1,500/-


A small wifi-enabled plug like device that talks to the IR Stone using our proprietary RF communication protocol. Its a plug-n-play product which is extremely easy to start using.

Polar with IR Node - 4,000/-